for some people
just not YOU.

Every week you plan delicious meals
you know your family will love.

And it backfires.
Every time.

Half the vegetables you buy?
In the trash.

Half the meals you plan?
Never happen.

What you know for sure?
Meal planning and your
busy lifestyle
Don't mix.

You're dying to give your family
good, wholesome meals, but life
always gets in the way.

And you'd love to fix your
"meal planning issues"
But you don't even know
where to start.

You need someone who's been there,
done that to guide you to 
meal planning bliss.

Lucky for you,
you've found that person.


The faster and better way to plan out and execute healthy meals for your family so you can skip processed meals and the drive-thru...
and actually sit down at the dinner
table once in a while to

enjoy each other’s company.

Who it’s for

Moms who have
very little time on their
hands and need a

better meal planning system 
can benefit immensely from
Map Your Meals.

What’s included?

Map Your Meals is a PDF download that will help you discover the habits and goals you need to feed your family well. There will be 4 sections for each season of the year that will make it
crazy simple to plan your meals completely in advance.

The PDF download will come with the following printables to make your planning a breeze.

  • meal planning calendars
  • shopping lists
  • meal lists
  • ...and more!

Map Your Meals will be available a couple times throughout the year. Charlee will be available (via email and/or Skype) for one month after you purchase Map Your Meals
to help you get your meal plan ready for the next season.

​About the Creator

Charlee Flaminio is the founder of Feeding Our Flamingos, a website for busy moms who want to give their families the healthiest food possible. She believes you can cook healthy food and still have time for your loved ones. 

She's a wife and mom to three kids ages 6, 4, and 2. She feels it's super important to feed her family a well-rounded diet, even to the chagrin of the little picky eaters she's raising. Her husband may just be pickier than the kids, but she is trying to make sure he also eats plenty of fruits (his nemesis) and veggies.

“If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.”
-Errick McAdams

Unfortunately, you know that's
not necessarily true!

Let's create a better system
so that good food is eaten like
it should be!

MAP YOUR MEALS is coming Winter 2019

Get on the waiting list
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when it’s available.

You can benefit from meal planning, even if you're busy!

Map Your Meals is still in production, 

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